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Test Automation Services

CDL have been providing test automation products and services since 2012. Led by open-source technologies the CDL team believes in achieving automation that is easy to use, flexible and low-cost.

The team can provide advice and services no matter what stage of testing you are at.

The aim is always to bring you to a better testing position, increase coverage and catch more regressions.


Let's Get Automating

Code Development Ltd. provide services to get you started with automation, to improve your current automation or simply to mentor your team to success.

Consultation - Automation Strategy

The first step requires establishing the nature, type and extent of your automated testing.

  • Your team - Understanding your testing needs including scope, technical skill level and testing maturity
  • Your framework - Scoping and specifying what kind of frameowrk you need - will it be a custom session recorder or will it be a fully fledged scripting system?
  • Your tests - Test case analysis and automation opportunity detection and planning

Development - Create your Framework

We create user friendly frameworks in Open Source technologies that ensure robust tests and minimum configuration effort.

  • Custom Recorder - the most basic option is to produce a hyper-robust session recorder that observes your clicks and types and perfectly recreates them.
  • Custom Scripting - the next level up is a lightweight but powerful custom scripting system that is intelligent for your platform.
  • Super-charged automation - the most advanced framework will have parallel testing facilities for lightning automation runs and performance testing

Support - Long Term Assistance

After we deliver the framework, we provide long term support to ensure you make the most of your framework.

  • Test maintenance - we can take care of keeping your tests in good health
  • Advice - we can provide advice on customizing and configuring your framework to grow as your product does
  • Additional Functionality - we can continue to facilitate more functionality for your framework