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About Code Development Ltd.

CDL are a London automation consultancy and platform provider that have worked in the test automation field since 2012.

Originally they provided an automation tool (MaxTAF for Maximo) and associated services to large enterprise customers, with clients such as Rolls-Royce, BP and Deloitte.

In the last few years they have been providing Selenium development services to SME clients alongside this as well as developing their flagship SaaS platform for Selenium Users.

What we do

1 Strategy Development Good testing needs a good plan. From experience the best testing plan aims for sustainability, minimization of effort and flexibility. CDL use a 'criticality = priority' system whereby the most important tests are established and created as a backbone for further tests and variants to stem from.
2 Framework Creation A developing a high quality framework is a future proof strategy. CDL leave their clients with easy-to-use, bespoke selenium frameworks, with well documented classes.
CDL are proficient in both Click-bot (customised recorder) and Page Object methdologies. and will recommend the most suitable framework for you
3 Open Source Technologies Code Development are open-source specialists. Using open-source means that clients are left with a framework with no follow-on costs or monetary commitments. CDL have deep expertise in Selenium, Appium, Jmeter and Java, and have overcome many challenges in complex enterprise environments.

What we can offer

If you need a new strategy, framework or test suite, we can help

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