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MaxTAF Cloud - Selenium as a Service

MaxTAF is a Selenium automation platform with a focus on running tests in the Cloud. It is designed to supercharge open source test automation, providing parallel test running and innovative scripting facilities to enable teams to take their QA to the next level.

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Run Selenium Tests in the Cloud

MaxTAF Cloud is a testing platform designed for teams with better things to do.


Eliminate testing infrastructure investment and maintenance

Cloud Testing - Run tests on our dedicated & fully optimized infrastructure. Free up time and resources by eliminating any need for creating and maintaining testing environments yourself.

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Run thousands of tests in a matter of minutes

Parallel Running -MaxTAF Cloud can run all of your tests in parallel via virtual machines hosted by AWS. There is no cap to the number of parallel machines you can call.

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Simplify your scripting

XML Abstraction - MaxTAF brings together the ease of low-code XML scripting while still fully supporting powerful Java Selenium programming.

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Who is MaxTAF For?


Modern teams with fast paced release schedules

Better agility - MaxTAF is ideal for teams that want to maximise their agility in a fast paced development environment

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Suitable for a wide range of skills

Any skill level - MaxTAF has facilies for teams at any stage of their automation adoption, from beginners through to experts.

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Testing in the cloud

The main advantage of running your Selenium tests through MaxTAF Cloud is the simple fact that you can run your tests in the Cloud.

This poses advantages to advanced and beginner teams alike.

Advanced teams

If you are already working on refining your test automation productivity and scalability, running tests in the Cloud is the natural next step. MaxTAF’s low cost infrastructure model means you can ditch using internal resources to manage your testing.

This saves time, requisitioning additional resources for configuring and maintaning your testing infrastructure, and ultimately saves you effort.

Testing should ultimately be about defining and testing use cases - not all the technical stuff inbetween!

Beginner teams

MaxTAF provides an amazing and responsive environment for learning and implementing your first framework.

Streaming tests on the Cloud removes clutter and reduces initial config effort to basically zero - all you need to do is start scripting your tests and you’ll be on the way to success.

Parallel running.

Parallel running of your tests is the true enabler of shift-left testing.

Being able to run thousands of tests at once paves the way for hyper rapid, system-wide checking of your application as soon as you implement changes.

This enables you to truly achieve agile, CI, devops or any other modern, fast paced methodology which are typically bottlenecked by testing.

Let your team play to their strengths

Avoid a common mistake - many teams make a critical error when running with automation - they put developers in a 'testing' role, rather than in a 'development role'.

This is inappropriate because instead of develivering more and better functionality, they spend their time creating & maintaining scripts. Tester's are better qualified to do this.

See below what developers should do versus what testers should do.

Developer Challenges

  • Robust Framework Production
  • Well-designed, scalable systems
  • Methods with better, more complex logic

Tester Challenges

  • Empathetic test design
  • Responsibility for test opportunity discovery
  • Ownership of expansion of useful regression cases

Better effort distribution - MaxTAF Provides unique facilities for Scripting, based on producing XML elements from Java Selenium Code.

This brings together the ease of low-code platforms and flexibility of powerful test automation programming allowing your testers to script the automated tests while your developers handle the development of the framework.


MaxTAF is suitable for every skill level

MaxTAF Cloud is designed to enable teams who either have a fully fledged framework in place, or who are just starting their automation journey.

  • Novice - we have training materials and support to get you running your first tests, without needing to worry about tricky installation or config tasks.

  • Intermediate - if you're growing the functionality of your automation suite, hosting your automation in the Cloud will allow you to consolidate your efforts on one easy-to-use platform.

  • Advanced - teams with thousands of test cases will benefit hugely from the ability to run all of them at once, in parallel.

Premium Agile enablement

Agile, devops and Continuous Integration need automation to work. MaxTAF Cloud makes automation even more suitable for faster moving release cycles.

  • True Shift Left - being able to run tests faster in parallel means developers can make big OR small changes and run holistic testing instantly.
  • Less time spent managing infrastructure - Spend more time developing and less on maintaining your framework
  • Wider reaching feature changes - facilitate more confident agile development with greater testing flexibility and power

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