Custom Programming

Make the most of our combined skills in Java and the Maximo platform from the software engineer's perspective. We can also troubleshoot and rectify problems with existing custom applications. We can even provide you with a safe and secure outourced development and testing environment on our servers, while development is taking place.

Customised programming lies at the heart of Code Development's Maximo expert services. Java coding is often the only way to transform off-the-shelf Maximo functionality into a custom system. It is also the most reliable form of customisation since it is least likely to cause performance issues, adversely effect the implementation of upgrades, or produce compatibility problems with the system architecture. Java coding is, however, the most technically challenging method of customisation and is only successful if those doing it are expert in two fields: J2EE programming and how Maximo works 'under the bonnet'.

Service Type: 
Technical Services