The Technical Specification is a document that contains all of the details required for the developer to produce the desired functionality. Such documents must be precise and unambiguous to avoid misunderstandings. However, technical specs should not be restrictive in how functionality should be achieved, as our programmers are adept at finding the most elegant solution for any given requirement. Our specifications allow for this.

There are numerous benefits in having a clear technical specification written by customisation experts:

  • We will provide a detailed, precise and exhaustive list of your requirements as well as technical solutions to implement each item (you may already have a detailed picture of their requirements, but this guarantees that each is catalogued and that all technical aspects have been considered).
  • We carry out an 'impact analysis' to ensure that other Maximo areas remain unaffected and functional, and that full compatibility is maintained with existing data structure, configuration, interfaces etc.
  • We include an 'upgradeability/compliance analysis' to ensure that the custom code is future-proof and compliant with IBM architecture.
  • We include a description of industry and technology-specific standards and practices to be enforced during development, such as coding and documentation style, package-naming conventions, file locations, versioning rules, backup policies, testing procedures etc
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