Following the initial implementation and after several years of usage and maintenance, your Maximo software is likely to be fully optimised to support your business processes. Most of the bugs will have been eradicated and the users will be well versed in operating it. However, the precise 'recipe' of how the system was tailored to work for a specific company is not always easy to reconstruct.

We often encounter cases where fragments of this 'recipe' have been lost, and the organisation struggles to replicate the desired level of performance after an upgrade, technology update, change in the organisational structure etc. To help such companies, we have developed the following range of services:

  • Documentation Audit

    Where documentation is incomplete, out-of-date or its condition is unknown, we will analyse it, compare it with your system and database, and help you to complete and update it.
  • Configuration Audit

    Verify the state and integrity of all items that have been configured on your Maximo system, so they can be replicated in the event of an upgrade or when you need to configure a new 'out-of-the-box' Maximo installation.
  • Code Audit

    A critical, independent evaluation of any custom code enhancements which have been added to your Maximo system. Often used to provide an impact assessment on any system updates or upgrades being considered.
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Consulting Services