Consulting Services

We offer a range of services to those with senior managerial responsibilities for Maximo in the areas of independent system audit, contract evaluation, subcontractor management and quality assessment.

Code Development offers a full range of strategic and management advisory services to support those who carry senior responsibility for Maximo installations.

Project Management

In large-scale Maximo implementations, it is common that the main elements of the project are outsourced to one or more consulting companies. One of the key issues in such projects is to find a way to manage the different contractors. There are three main aspects that demand careful control: the costs, the schedule and the quality.

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Following the initial implementation and after several years of usage and maintenance, your Maximo software is likely to be fully optimised to support your business processes. Most of the bugs will have been eradicated and the users will be well versed in operating it. However, the precise 'recipe' of how the system was tailored to work for a specific company is not always easy to reconstruct.

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The Technical Specification is a document that contains all of the details required for the developer to produce the desired functionality. Such documents must be precise and unambiguous to avoid misunderstandings. However, technical specs should not be restrictive in how functionality should be achieved, as our programmers are adept at finding the most elegant solution for any given requirement. Our specifications allow for this.

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