What is MaxTAF?

MaxTAF is a module for Maximo® software for design, recording and execution of automated tests. With MaxTAF you can automate the testing of  both the user interface and the business logic layer of Maximo. MaxTAF technology incorporates Maximo specialized versions of the world most famous open source testing frameworks - Selenium and JUnit.

Visit the MaxTAF page: MaxTAF Website

What can I do with it?

  • Design automated functional and unit tests that can be executed on a press of a button or at regular intervals.
  • Record and Play your Maximo sessions
  • Quickly and effortlessly perform a full suite of automated regression tests upon any modification of Maximo.
  • Automate MIF testing
  • Load test your system
  • Diagnose problems
  • Adopt Test Driven Development methodology for your Maximo projects
  • Convert recorded sessions into interactive training tutorials
  • Use MaxTAF framework as an integrated development environment for rapid Maximo customization

How do I benefit from it?

Save your time

Taking a single Maximo work order through its life cycles can in some environments take up to 2 hours. And that needs to be repeated for all possible variations and different business scenarios. And that is just work orders. Then we have purchasing, inventory and so on. They are all interlinked so they all need testing before a green light can be given for the propagation of a change into the live environment.  And then we should test the live environment in case something went wrong during the install.
Sounds familiar? With automated tests, once the initial investment in development is done, all it takes is a press of a button.

Test more and more frequently

Because automated tests put no burden on human resources, we can now test at will or at regular intervals. Not only that we can test more often but also we can test a far broader set of functionality.

Test without affecting other user

You can set-up cron tasks to execute tests out of hours when no one is using Maximo. The test results will be waiting for you when you get back in the morning.

Eliminate human errors

Once you have developed and debugged your automated test, you can be sure that it will perform consistently and reliably thereafter whenever you run it. The same cannot be said for humans: as they say, that is what makes us human - the ability to make mistakes.

Load test your system

Certain types of test can simply not be performed by people. Load and stress tests are one example where you want to start hundreds of parallel threads and sequences at the same time to see how the system performs under pressure.

Be more relaxed in applying new patches, updates and introducing changes

How frequently do you patch your Maximo? Do the regression risks outweigh the potential benefits? Falling behind with system patching is not a good practice but risking potential breakdown caused by regression for the sake of fixing bugs that do not affect your operations is normally too much to take on.
However, with an automated suite of tests you can bravely try out any patch and with a simple press of a button find out quickly if there are any problems.

What does it do?

MaxTAF features include:

  • Enables design and execuition of JUnit tests for Maximo
  • Direct server side testing of business logic bypassing the UI
  • Browser based UI testing trough Selenium framework
  • Enables run of test suites
  • Highly extensible allowing development of specialized Java class plug-ins for specific testing needs

How do I do it?

  1. Record or write your own test
  2. Run the test or a suite of tests
  3. Check the results