Since 1991, we have been co-providing Maximo customisation services. We began cooperating at the very start of Maximo series with PSDI, company which invented Maximo. After PSDI changed it's name to MRO in 2001, and it's acquisition by IBM in 2007, we remained the top choice for Maximo customisation services. CDL now counts customisations on over 130 different Maximo installations worldwide.

Our company had become especially renowned as MRO's main external resource for custom DLL programming - only few other companies in the world provide this type of service with quality that matches MRO's strict standards. Same applies now for IBM.

Excellent cooperation with IBM continues through Maximo versions 5, 6 and 7 - we have already established ourselves as one of their primary choices for top-notch J2EE customisation and plug-in development. In the last 12 months alone, we have participated in several major implementations in Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany, USA and the UK, with significant amount of time spent on site.

Although IBM remains our primary client, we offer our services to other companies, especially large software companies and consultancies that need to complement their expertise or resources with a reliable outsourced service provider.

As subcontractors, we've worked for a selection of blue-chip clients from the following industries:

  • Energy (nuclear, oil&gas, wind)
  • Services (maintenance, transport, packaging)
  • Utilities (power, water, gas distribution)
  • Transportation (railroads,airports,marine)
  • Manufacturing (automotive, railroad, materials, furniture, pharmaceuticals)
  • Financial (banking)
  • Telecommunications
  • Education (universities, libraries)