Maximo Configuration

Maximo 7.6: Installing Oracle 12c database software

Now that we have created and configured our VM, it is time to install the database software. We will then create an empty Maximo database which will be used later on for the Maximo installation. Alternatively, you can simply install the DB2 database which comes together with the Maximo software. Personally, I found that DB2 needs a lot more resources and is not really suitable for a VM.

How to get WSDL and XSD of a Maximo Enterprise Service

After you have deployed your Maximo enterprise service as a web service, you may need to obtain wsdl and xsd files.

Changing Maximo application session expiration

For testing purposes and/or in production environment it may be required to change application session timeout value.

By default, this value is set to 30 minutes. In order to modify it you should edit web.xml file located in <Maximo Root Dir>\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\WEB-INF directory. Within the file find section for session timeout configuration and modify <session-timeout> value as desired.

Add frequently used Maximo applications to Favorites

Sometimes it could be handy to have an easy access to frequently used applications.