Changing WebSphere console session expiration

Changing WebSphere console session expiration

If you are affected by WebSphere session time-out, for example when deploying Maximo ear files, the following article will tell you how to extend the session expiration time.

First you need to create a JACL script. (JACL is one of the scripting languages you can use with WebSphere. ) Copy the following script into a file.

set dep [$AdminConfig getid /Deployment:isclite/]
set appDep [$AdminConfig list ApplicationDeployment $dep]
set sesMgmt [$AdminConfig list SessionManager $appDep]

# check if existing sesMgmt there or not, if not then create a new one, if exist then modify it
    if {$sesMgmt == ""} {
         # get applicationConfig to create new SessionManager
         set appConfig [$AdminConfig list ApplicationConfig $appDep]
         if {$appConfig == ""} {
             # create a new one
             set appConfig [$AdminConfig create ApplicationConfig $appDep {}]
             # then create a new SessionManager using new Application Config just created
             set sesMgmt [$AdminConfig create SessionManager $appConfig {}]   
         } else {
              #  create new SessionManager using the existing ApplicationConfig
              set sesMgmt [$AdminConfig create SessionManager $appConfig {}] 


    # get tuningParams config id
    set tuningParams [$AdminConfig showAttribute $sesMgmt tuningParams]
    if {$tuningParams == ""} {
        # create a new tuningParams 
        $AdminConfig  create TuningParams  $sesMgmt {{invalidationTimeout }}  

    } else {
         #modify the existing one
         $AdminConfig modify $tuningParams {{invalidationTimeout }}  


    # saving the configuration changes
    $AdminConfig save

Change the <timeout value> on the two lines of this sample to the new session expiration value. This number specifies the number of minutes the console preserves the session during inactivity.

Save the file to any directory using, for example, the filename timeout.jacl.

Start the wsadmin scripting client from the <WAS-install>/profiles/<profile_name>/bin directory.
Issue the following command.

wsadmin -f <path to jacl file>/timeout.jacl

After this, the WebSphere session time out will be extended to the specified value.