Add frequently used Maximo applications to Favorites

Add frequently used Maximo applications to Favorites

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Sometimes it could be handy to have an easy access to frequently used applications.

For example, during development phase Database Configuration application is used very often so instead of going through several steps (Go To->System Configuration->Platform Configuration->Database Configuration) the application can be opened from Start Center using a single click. This is achieved using Favorites portlet in Start Center.

In order to add a new portlet whilst in the current start center:

  1. Click on Change Content/Layout link.
  2. Decide whether to add portlet to Right or Left column (usually Favorites go to Right column).
  3. Add portlet by clicking on Select Content under the desired column table and in the dialog select "Favorite Applications".
  4. Click OK on the dialog and modify the default description for the portlet you've added.
  5. Click on Finished button.
  6. The new Favorites portlet is now visible, but empty. To add applications to the portlet click on pencil icon.
  7. Use Select Aplication button to open dialog and select applications you wish to add.
  8. When done click on OK and Finished
  9. The desired portlet is now set.

You can also group favorite applications. To do this, simply add several Favorite Applications portlets and then edit each one to add the desired applications.

You could, for example, setup an Administration portlet which would hold all administration related applications (System Properties, Database Configuration, Application Designer etc.